As I Remember: A walk through my years at Hughes Aircraft 1961-1997

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It was pretty much the same shape as the ones we saw in Germany. Each one of them had a pilot in it. A saucer flew right over them, put down three landing gears, and landed out on the dry lakebed. They went out there with their cameras… towards the UFO. It lifted off, put the gear back in the well, and flew off at a very high rate of speed and disappeared.

At the time this happened I was involved in research and development and doing very classified projects at the task center. I am At that point in time there was no doubt in my mind that [the craft] was made someplace other than here on Earth. He once worked at Boeing as a surface technician. I drove down to Newport Beach where he lived; we sat down and talked in his den. I asked him what percentage of all the UFO sightings remained unidentified? And then I asked him about the Roswell crash, if that really occurred. I was particularly interested in the strange writings that were found inside the craft and if they were ever deciphered, and he said no, they were not deciphered while he was in office.

The downing and retrieval of ET spacecraft outside of Roswell was only the beginning.

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Two other crashes occurred in Mexico and one in Norway. Sixty-five bodies were recovered, including the one ET from the first crash that was kept alive for three years.

Truman had to manage the Cold War with the Soviets and the race between the two superpowers to complete testing on the Hydrogen bomb… now the president also had flying saucers to contend with. He quickly assembled a group of people that included Dr. Vannevar Bush, who had headed up the atomic bomb program, as well as a number of leading scientists including Edward Teller and J. Robert Oppenheimer to study this issue.

The first secret task force to investigate the ET phenomenon was organized under the name Project Sign and evolved into Project Grudge a year later. A low-level disinformation project named Bluebook was created to fool the public. How did these extraterrestrial propulsion systems work? Were there weapons on board? What if these new technologies were leaked out?

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To say we were facing a quantum leap in technological capability is an understatement, and of course, we wanted it for ourselves. National Security demanded that this entire matter be kept quiet at all costs. No cost was spared in doing so. But there was one very large and busy fly in this ointment: The ETs were flying over the skies of America, sometimes in formation and before thousands of witnesses. One of the masters of psychological warfare during WWII was put in charge of this diversionary tactic in the late s.

General Walter Bedell Smith helped coordinate the psychological warfare components of this ET problem and launched the big lie: UFOs, even though thousands of people had reported seeing them, did not exist. For every sighting which made its way into the public eye, there would be an official denial and worse, ridicule of the observers them-selves. Harvard Astronomer Donald Menzel was trotted out to tell the world that it was all hysteria, that UFOs were not real; that it was all embarrassing nonsense. It had a chlorophyll-based internal anatomy and it processed food into energy and waste material in the same manner as plants.

Unfortunately, the EBEN became ill in late Several medical specialists were brought in to treat it, the team headed by a botanist. Realizing the ET was dying, the United States began broadcasting radio signals into deep space in an attempt to demonstrate peaceful intentions to a superior entity.

A Register of the Albert J. and Roberta Wohlstetter Papers

Truman contacted our allies to warn them about what happened. He also reached out to the Soviet Union.

It turns out their top-secret weapons bases were also being buzzed by Extraterrestrial Vehicles ETVs. President Truman and the other leaders he alerted decided that maintaining secrecy was more important than sharing the information with their respective governing bodies and risking a leak. A new world order was necessary, one that operated without oversight.

Phillip Corso Jr. His father personally saw deceased extraterrestrials from the Roswell crash in and a UFO craft at an air base. My father knew from the reports that the Roswell ET had passed away. It simply turned from blue to brown and died like a fish out of water. Once or twice he led me to believe that there was something else that was kept in those rooms that would give information. He had a thread also that was from the clothing. And yes, absolutely, Dad was aware of other crashes.

He says that the Germans told him they had a crash and that most of their technology and their advance materials and research came from that. This was part of a team that he worked with every day. And he said that there was another crash in Corona, New Mexico of a very similar type ship.

Howard Hughes’ H-1 Racer - Decades TV Network

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown, U. I spent approximately 23 years in military service, and the latter seven years as a Senior Foreign Service Officer.

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  • I started training as a pilot in July of and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant pilot in April of , then trained as a B pilot aircraft commander. I went to Europe and arrived there in early November of and commenced combat as a B pilot on 13 December I flew my 29th and last complete mission on the 11 April Combat during this period was fairly severe. I just completed a survey of my missions, and every time we went into the air, we had casualties.

    And I was very fortunate to complete all of them. Because of my counterintelligence training and police work in an outfit called Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and because I was one of the few pilot-trained investigators, I ended up doing a lot of investigations of aircraft, unusual aircraft accidents, in which sabotage was suspected. As a result, I became acquainted with some outstanding scientists and worked with the Air Technical Intelligence Center on a project called Grudge.

    We were given the responsibility of investigating what became known as unidentified flying objects. My job was to hand carry these reports over to the technical center and coordinate them with the project officer and answer any questions from an investigative viewpoint that I could assist on.

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    I did that for approximately two years until the fall of Normally in the investigative field, you have an allegation of something, or in the case of a UFO, a sighting. You carry it through to its conclusion and a result.

    A Register of the Albert J. and Roberta Wohlstetter Papers

    When an object is moving a few thousand miles an hour, twelve to fourteen minutes is a tremendous amount of time. I do remember speeds in excess of 4, to 5, miles an hour, which were far in excess of any known aircraft that we had or any of the enemies had. Being an Intelligence Officer, one of my responsibilities was to have at least a rough idea of enemy capabilities and of their equipment.

    The sky was totally clear.

    Charles Bowden Collection

    And an object went across southwest to northeast and it transited the entire heaven, looking at it from my right, and it went out of sight on the left in less than fifteen seconds. It was certainly no satellite. It was a controlled object in flight. Some of the objects reported were tracked on radar. We had objects with four-way confirmation, ground visual, ground radar, airborne visual, airborne radar.

    And in this same timeframe, I heard so-called experts that the Air Force brought in concoct stories, from swamp gas to things like that. And things like that did occur.