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How to Make Decisions

Solution Management plays a similar role to Product Management, but at the large solution level and has content authority over capabilities instead of features. They have a similar vision, roadmap, solution Kanban, and solution demo activities as well. They also work with Release Management where applicable. They also work with Suppliers , making sure the requirements for supplier-delivered capabilities are understood and assisting with the conceptual integration of these concerns. Find it here! What's new in SAFe 4. DevOps and Release on Demand.

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How Do Financial Statements Help Your Decision Making?

Neither images nor text can be copied from this site without the express written permission of the copyright holder. Please visit Permissions FAQs and contact us for permissions. Constant interaction with the customer, including Gemba walks, end-user interviews and surveys, brainstorming, trade studies, market research. High-level vision, constant product, and solution backlog refinement and informal face-to-face communication with teams.

The prospect might not know he has a problem or opportunity, let alone what it looks like, how urgent or important it is, and how he should address it. That makes the salesperson an important resource; not only can she help her prospect understand his situation, she can also help him react to it.

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For example, a company who offers a cloud storage platform along with maintenance and security services will probably create a unique bundle for each of its customers. The salesperson will figure out how much data her prospect needs to store, how many devices he'll be accessing his files on, what kind of extra features and support he'll need, and so forth. Analyze your won deals to see which problems prompted prospects to buy your product.

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Solution selling is effective because it focuses on the ROI of a product, not its feature set or sticker price. There are three main goals of this stage typically the discovery call :. But now, owing to increasingly sophisticated procurement teams and purchasing consultants armed with troves of data, companies can readily define solutions for themselves.

Salespeople who follow this model look for customers with emerging needs or are in flux who can make decisions quickly. They give an example of a top business services salesperson who walked into an hour-long RFP presentation with several executives. Is this solution selling? Nonetheless, the focus on needs and solutions is still there.

The core principles of solution selling are valuable whether you follow the methodology to the tee or use a different one: Consider how your product can help your prospect specifically, then craft them a custom solution or strategy.

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Take this approach, and you'll never hurt for sales. Originally published Jul 25, AM, updated February 11 Contact Us. Investors Investor Relations.

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Get HubSpot free. Sales 4 min read. Written by Aja Frost ajavuu. When Is Solution Selling Used?

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It might be helpful to consider these questions: How is life easier with your product? Which challenges or tasks are eliminated or reduced? Does your product save the buyer time? If so, how much? What could they accomplish in those minutes, hours, or days?

Does your product save the buyer money? What could they accomplish with that amount? Do they look more credible, important, effective, or successful? Six months?