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In a wider sense, I think I would very literally die I am not trying to make a book-title joke if I resigned myself to humorlessness. Wall Street would crush me. And in my helplessness and inability to heal and laugh with others, it would be easier for every Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin to legislate me out of their America. I want to laugh so that later I can get angry like I need to get. Poetry is so high stakes.

Humor is wholly tied up in those stakes for me.

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The poems in You Are Not Dead are often about how a person can be in a world as strange and often dangerous as ours. WX: For my little self, the literal me, poetry truly helps me function and accomplish daily tasks with a greater degree of clarity and empathy than I could possess without it.

It is unachievable, but sometimes I think about holding the standard of every sentence I speak to another person up to the standard of a line of a poem.

What then could I begin to understand and express? It is very often anxiety and urgency that move me to write poems.

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And it seems to me that everybody who is not a Wall Street banker or a venture capitalist is engaged in the radical act of being a better person. I mean, it seems so easy to become awful. When I say that poetry is a radical act, I mean that there is no late-capitalism approved economic theorem that even remotely suggests poetry is a good or meaningful idea; it does not mean to be approved by late-capitalism.

It is "illogical" in the best way.

The Front Porch - Poem by Timothy A. Hess

It does not make money. It is not FOR money. It is a radical act because it is filled with hope and widely ill advised. What attracted you to the idea of writing these poems? What purpose do you see them serving as the conclusion to the book?

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Depending on my mood, I think the final series is either bleak or affirming. I suppose I like that about it. I certainly go to poetry very often to express severe anxiety, yes! This cleared up a lot of room in my head.

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In that sense, they are just like every other poem: they are trying to be filled with living. Then you've never seen a fairy So of course you wouldn't know. The moon rides high in the wintry sky While the north wind shouts with glee.

They Sit Together on the Porch

He rushes along with his noisy song, For a boisterous fellow is he. He blusters and roars and pounds at the doors, And rattles the windows too, In the tree tops tall you can hear him call As he whistles the whole night through. And the moon shines on 'til the coming of dawn, Then sinks from sight in the west, And the north wind gay after all his play Calms down at last for a rest. But in the middle lies the noblest of all the instruments, The one that balances the perfect highs and lows— The one that plays the middle part And sends its arrows to my heart— In short, the section where my dear beloved goes.

But then I heard him, and I knew there was no more waiting game, I knew this yearning in my breast was heaven-sent All his harmonic harmonies They always weaken both my knees And his fundamental stirs my fundament. The man can play viola, He makes me lose control-a, He is the Ayatollah of my bod … The man can play viola, He moves my very soul-a, The man can play viola like a god. Well … you see … One day he met a mezzo! The man can play viola like a god. All Rights Reserved, except where noted.

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Drinking something cold when the summer is hot and there is a gentle breeze, Or giving the kids ice cream and listening to them laugh when they get brain freeze. Your best friend stop by and gossip about the news, weather or the sports, Or bitching about the products that are coming to the US from other country's ports. Sitting on the swing holding hands with your better half, Or comforting your baby after a hard day fussing over problems working with their staff.

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Watching the neighborhood children grow and mature into young ladies and men, Or something as simple as writing a letter to a favorite Aunt signed with love that you want to send. Being there where kids have a safe place to spend some time after school, Or telling them to be careful and have fun as they head for the pool.

Tango violistico from "Front Porch Poems" by Jonathan Santore

The front porch is a place to go when you and your love have a fight, Or waiting for your kids that are coming home way to late at night. A place where you kiss after the date, knowing you are developing those strong feelings, It's also a place where you can find your mother and grandmother chatting while seeing who can cut the longest potato peelings. But we have lost a lot of this because builders want to save money and they only worry about the inside of a house.

Where society has become a maze and we are only a mouse. Maybe it's because I have gotten older that now I understand what you can learn from the porch swing, It's wonderful to sit outside sipping coffee or iced tea watching hummingbirds floating on invisible wing. I am in a mindset that a lot more would be right with the world if we just sat on our stoop.