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We will use all the resources we have available for production at our school. We will will plan out where each scene will be filmed. The setting is modern times so their are no special costume needs. We will need to gather props and scenery.

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Students will create of a list of needed items and we will actively seek donated items from the community. Students will be able to recognize the important aspects of the plot. Students will be able to retell and summarize the story. Students will understand the work required to write and produce a screenplay. Students will have a general knowledge of the different jobs available in the film industry. Advanced Search. Keywords: Retelling and Summarizing , writing a screenplay.

Dividing a cake up into 29! Dividing a biscuit into 2 equal pieces. Dividing a loaf of bread up or a pizza, the options are endless. And he gave one piece to Jenny. How much of the biscuit does Johnny have now? And Jenny has one half. And if we put them back together what do we have?

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We have one whole biscuit. So how many half biscuits make a whole biscuit? Two halves make a whole. They shared one loaf into three equal parts We call these thirds. And how many thirds are needed to make a whole again? Three thirds make a whole. Back in the classroom we can stay with the apples etc and ask questions like: If Johnny has half an apple, what do I need to give him in order for him to have a whole apple? If Adam has a third of a biscuit, what do I need to give him to make a whole biscuit?

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Concrete pictures. Pictorial Once the link between half-apples and half-circles be sure to include other shapes like squares and hexagons is secure we can move to pictorial representations. The following pages are a first attempt at making something of this idea. Assessment Assessment would take many forms. Mini-white boards are a good tool as well. Thanks for reading and happy teaching! Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Foreign Language. Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. The Wanderer Study Guide contains Vocabulary and Questions arranged according to grouped chapters of the novel , , , , , English Language Arts , Literature.

Study Guides , Activities , Novel Study. Add to cart. Wish List. This is a literature story packet that I created to go along with the story, The Wanderer, by Sharon Creech. Vocabulary , Literature , Writing.

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Activities , Novel Study , Literature Circles. Unit contains daily lesson plans for use during guided reading groups and assessments for students to complete independently to check their understanding of the vocabulary and the text. Reading , Vocabulary , Literature. English Language Arts , Reading.