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Paperback, 77 Pages. This item has not been rated yet. McIlveen explains the law on child custody, child support, alimony, and division of property. She provides answers to questions such as: Do courts prefer women over men when it comes to deciding custody?

How does the court decide how much alimony I pay? How do I survive divorce? In the book, North Carolina Divorce Guidebook, Angela provides tips and strategies to help your case.

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From the coast to the mountains, North Carolina is as beautiful as it is unique. Wilmington and the surrounding areas are great places to live, work, and visit, with a rich history and charming culture. Road to Recovery is a magazine for people injured in auto, motorcycle, truck, workplace, industrial and other accidents in North Carolina. The comprehensive book on auto injuries in North Carolina: what you should do to protect yourself after an Injury. Maybe you need a lawyer. Maybe you don't. But, you do need information.

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We can provide it. We can answer your questions and give you reliable information. With reliable information you can make good decisions. If we are unable to recover money for your claim, you do not have to pay us any money at all for our services. If we do recover money, we deduct a percentage of it as a fee, pay medical liens and give you the rest. Auto injury attorneys work with insurance adjusters to help people who have been injured recover fair compensation. On average people recover 3.

If you were hurt at work, then you may have a workers compensation claim. You may have one even if you were responsible in some way for your injuries.

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Your claim may be valuable. If you are like most people, you just want to get better and get back to work. Like anything, some of these claims get complicated, but many are straight-forward.

Lots of people are capable of handling this process by themselves without a lawyer. Some people change their own oil. Some people handle their own propety damage claims. You are hurt and need information You are hurt and need a lawyer now You are hurt and have a question. Practice Areas Auto Accidents.