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Really good! I enjoyed working with Kars for Kids, best radio commercial out there and great service on the pickup! Our three experiences with Kars4Kids have been wonderful! After calling other organizations to receive our autos and finding them to be more complicated than expected, we appreciate the efficiency of Kars4Kids no hassle process for helping us donate o. Every part of the transaction was easy,I wish every business deal went this easy. I know this went to a great cause and I hope someone gets some use from my Escort.

We are thankful to be able to give back to many local communities across North America and to bring educational opportunities to so many children, with the help of our sister charity Oorah.

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

We're a registered nonprofit Jewish organization. Learn about what we do and see our charity programs here. Our vision at Kars4Kids is to enable our children to succeed throughout life. We achieve this goal through a gamut of educational, mentorship and year-round programs for our children and their families and communities.

With a network of thousands of volunteers, we strive to change the world, one child at a time. Our mentoring program pairs children with mature mentors who are a positive influence, a role model, and a friend for life.

The one-on-one relationship allows our mentors to give their mentees the personal guidance they need to grow into productive and well-balanced members of the community. All children need some time outside of the structured school environment. ChillZone provides a safe and healthy place for children and teens to hang out with friends and mentors.

Fun combines with stimulating guidance and social growth for the perfect outlet our children and their parents!

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Toggle navigation Donate. Car Donation Sacramento You've come to the right place — our Kars4Kids crew in Sacramento can pick up virtually any car donation, regardless of condition, and usually without a title too. To fail is to be human. The real distinction is in how we fail. This saying means to go down gloriously, all guns blazing, or to go out with a bang.

We might say that someone is "not the sharpest pencil in the pack", and this is the German equivalent. Literally "he didn't exactly invent gunpowder", this is a good phrase to describe a friend when they do something a little on the stupid side! A masterpiece of German brevity and straight-forwardness. Perhaps the equivalent of "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword". In other words: you have to stand by the consequences of your actions. This idiom translates as "this is an argument over the emperor's beard".

If you ever find yourself caught up in an argument with a German, and they resort to semantic arguments, or being ridiculously pedantic, this is the phrase to use. That is, to make small and overly fine distinctions. The direct translation of this one won't help: "to have a bird". No, they're not enquiring about your pet ownership.

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They're calling you crazy. If someone has asked you this and you told them about your beloved parrot, then we're sorry to break the bad news. Of course the Germans have a sausage idiom, and this is certainly not the only one. It's pretty clear what they're saying, but it's beautiful in its Teutonic pragmatism and simplicity.

Germany's news in English Search. Become a Member Sign in My account. News categories Berlin Munich Hamburg More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. I will make him lie. It does seem to me that the boys must be blind to overlook such an obvious and simple trick as that. Eckert received us heartily—a pleasant-spoken, gentle-mannered creature.

The effect was shortly perceptible. Eckert began to grow communicative; he grew more and more at his ease, and more and more talkative and sociable. Another hour passed in the same way, and then all of a sudden Eckert said:. I came near forgetting. I have got a thing here to astonish you.

now THIS is a snowmobile 1 | SPEED SPORT

Common green cocoanut—and not only eat the meat, but drink the milk. Man, it is impossible. Now, that is the way to handle Eckert. You see, I have petted him along patiently, and put his suspicions to sleep.

I am glad we came. You tell the boys about it when you go back. Cat eat a cocoanut—oh, my! Now, that is just his way, exactly—he will tell the absurdest lie, and trust to luck to get out of it again.

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Eckert split one open, and chopped up some pieces. Bascom smuggled a wink to me, and proffered a slice of the fruit to puss. She snatched it, swallowed it ravenously, and asked for more! We rode our two miles in silence, and wide apart. At least I was silent, though Bascom cuffed his horse and cursed him a good deal, notwithstanding the horse was behaving well enough.

When I branched off homeward, Bascom said:. And—you need not speak of this—foolishness to the boys. Joe to Sacramento, carrying letters nineteen hundred miles in eight days! Think of that for perishable horse and human flesh and blood to do! The pony-rider was usually a little bit of a man, brimful of spirit and endurance. There was no idling-time for a pony-rider on duty. He rode fifty miles without stopping, by daylight, moonlight, starlight, or through the blackness of darkness—just as it happened.

He rode a splendid horse that was born for a racer and fed and lodged like a gentleman; kept him at his utmost speed for ten miles, and then, as he came crashing up to the station where stood two men holding fast a fresh, impatient steed, the transfer of rider and mail-bag was made in the twinkling of an eye, and away flew the eager pair and were out of sight before the spectator could get hardly the ghost of a look.

He carried no arms—he carried nothing that was not absolutely necessary, for even the postage on his literary freight was worth five dollars a letter. He got but little frivolous correspondence to carry—his bag had business letters in it, mostly. His horse was stripped of all unnecessary weight, too.

He wore a little wafer of a racing-saddle, and no visible blanket. He wore light shoes, or none at all. They held many and many an important business chapter and newspaper letter, but these were written on paper as airy and thin as gold-leaf, nearly, and thus bulk and weight were economized. The stage- coach traveled about a hundred to a hundred and twenty-five miles a day twenty-four hours , the pony-rider about two hundred and fifty.


There were about eighty pony-riders in the saddle all the time, night and day, stretching in a long, scattering procession from Missouri to California, forty flying eastward, and forty toward the west, and among them making four hundred gallant horses earn a stirring livelihood and see a deal of scenery every single day in the year. We had had a consuming desire, from the beginning, to see a pony-rider, but somehow or other all that passed us and all that met us managed to streak by in the night, and so we heard only a whiz and a hail, and the swift phantom of the desert was gone before we could get our heads out of the windows.

But now we were expecting one along every moment, and would see him in broad daylight. Presently the driver exclaims:. Every neck is stretched further, and every eye strained wider.