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Thank you Lord, amen. Please pray for my son.. He is facing criminal sexual conduct charges.

Please pray for healing through this difficult time. I love him so much!! Dear God, I pray that you will carry my troubled son in your arms and keep him out of danger and trouble. Only you can save him from the grief and anger inside his heart. In Jesus name I pray. Iord please free my sin from jail. Lord I ask of to give him a second chance lord in the name of Jesus.

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Lord I ask in the name of Jesus to heal hid broken heart. Where he learned from his mistakes and make the right decissions. Lord draw him closer to. We need a blessing now lird!! We ask all these things in Jesus name!! Hold my family in your prayers.

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Our son is struggling to find his way in this world. Poor choices have provided more hurdles. Good Lord, We pray for our sons to come out of his difficulties and realize the wrong path he is into. Pray that thye understands that parents mean good to him and love him dearly as the good lord loves his children. Oh God Almighty, over the past 10 months suddenly since Sep we are going through a very tough patch in life facing different type of challenges and domestic disturbances week on week.

We hold on to LORD to salvage us from this situation. He is in a bad place and frame of mind. I cannot get through to him. Send him a father figure who will guide him to you and teach him to live an honest life, to love himself and others, to respect himself and others. Help him Lord to be thankful and accept and need the simple things in life. Guide him in all his thoughts, words and actions. Protect him and keep him safe in your arms Blessed Virgin Mother.

Clear his troubled mind, relieve his anxiety and stress. Assist him to secure a job and the ability to earn an honest living. I beseech anyone who reads this to pray for my son before its too late. I thank each and every one of you and ask God to bless you and yours. Lord, please rescuePJ from all the evils of the world. We have provided guidance and a good home for him and he is still oppositional and defiant.

He has run away; please keep him safe and out of trouble. Please tell me what our family need to do to bring joy and peace into this home. He was raised in a Christian home but still he is going astray. My family and I do know, if we trust in you, you will make it right. Please pray for my daughter who is without health insurance and expecting a baby girl any day now. Her baby is in a breech position and she is afraid that because she has no insurance that no one will deliver her child.

Please pray for her and the safety of her child. Lord, my son is in a dark bad place. Please put your angels around him and give him hope and faith, you are his only hope. Please lord protect him and hold him in your loving arms, we need your help. Totally destroy the evil that has a hold on him and give him peace. In Jesus name I ask for your mercy and healing from the addiction and depression.

Please pray for my daughter Samantha, she is in a bad place. She needs the lord in her life and to let go of wordly pleasures and bad company that influence her into doing bad things. I love her lord, please protect her with your holy blood and let your holy spirit fill her heart.. In Jesus name I ask those praying to lift my son Andrew who had a bench warrant I ask The Lord for favor and mercy as his gentle hand guides Andrew back to him.

I know the you will keep him safe. He made a big mistake father!!!

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Please Father in your name I pray!!! Drugs and devil had his mind. Pray for mercy. And a second chance at life.

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But knows he has to pay for his mistakes. Pray for his strength. My God, Please help my son, Sean to live a normal life. Help him to get over his anxiety and bi-polar problems. Please give him the strength to stay sober and not to wish for alcohol till his life is at normal phase. Please Lord, give him the courage to drive and find a job.

Please continue to guide, protect and counsel him always. I pray for my son, I thank you God for bringing him to us when he was so young. Please help him find strength and self confidence to do whats right. Please guide him to you, take the evil drugs and alcohol, and releive him of his obsessions. Please forgive me for the parent I have been at times, I know only you can guide him and protect him.

I give these worries to you. Lord, I lift up my son to you. Please bathe him in your love and light and heal him of his addiction. Send your holy angels down to minister to him and cover him with your holy spirit. Have the angels provide a constant whisper in his ear to get on a path of healthy decisions and healing. Have the angels provide a persistent hum of yours and his parents love. Lord,please watch over my son every second, of every hour, of every day and guide him toward a healthy life.

If and when it be your will, Lord, change his heart. Keep him in your light, and cushion his steps with your loving presence.

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Let no evil come to him, and protect him form ugly spirits at all times. Lord, compell my son to take a stand and make a change for himself in a healthy direction. Show him the path he can can follow that will give him peace and a future. Shower him with your love and blessings.

Protect with your holy armor. Help me to remain prayerful, Lord, that you will heal my son, bless him, change his heart, and protect him. Let him see the love available to him in his home and in your spirit.

She was and is so right.

In Jesus name, I fervently pray. Father God we come before you humbly giving you all praise and all glory for who you are God thank you for this day and for what you have given to us we come before you now asking that you will protect are teens ask God that your angels will encamp around them all. We bind the devil in the name of Jesus and every weapon and tool that he uses to kill and destroy our youth all of his plots plans schemes and under minding things we bind in Jesus name we ask lord God that you send a hedge of protection arrest their hearts lord that they turn back to you we break the curse of destruction in their lives in Jesus name and we cut every wicked action toward them or in them draw their hearts to you oh Lord and we count it all done in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

Lord put your arms around them and send angles to watch over them always and I will be careful to give you all the praise and the glory, Amen. Lord, Please guide and help my son through his pain and anger.