The Great Cowspiracy

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

An inquisitive man sets out to find the facts about milk and discovers more about the growing controversy surrounding it. Milk is a food so fundamental to our daily diet that its value for our health, it seems, is meant to be left unquestioned. Milk is the perfect food. Or is it?


Sustainable travels the country seeking leadership and wisdom from some of the most forward thinking farmers like Bill Niman, Klaas Martens and John Kempf — heroes who challenge the ethical decisions behind industrial agriculture. Better to be informed and have a balanced view than to jump on a trendy bandwagon. Holistic wellness coach, health documentarian, registered holistic nutritional consultant and certified kinesiologist.

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They even take on Alan Savory, advocate of more livestock production as a means of reducing global warming, pointing out that methane production from domestic animals is one of the largest contributors to warming climate, and vastly exceeds any ability of grazed grassland ecosystems to absorb more carbon.

The video is full of facts illustrated with great graphs like how many more gallons of water or the amount of land required in the production of a hamburger vs.


So why is livestock production and its multitude of environmental impacts so ignored by even environmental groups? Many groups depend on contributions from major donors and foundations that do not want livestock production criticized. There exists what I call a Bovine Curtain very similar to the Iron Curtain that once prevented outside news from penetrating the old Soviet Union.

The Bovine Curtain comes in many forms. Land management agencies like the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management seldom critique livestock production as a source of ecosystem degradation because they must answer to western politicians who often are ranchers or otherwise associated with agriculture. Similarly, many universities researchers do not investigate the negative consequences of livestock production and are silenced because they rely upon funding from legislatures dominated by Ag producers.

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Even though Winfrey ultimately won the suit, she no longer will even discuss the issue so in essence the threat of another law suit has silenced her. And GYC, like many western based environmental groups wanted to avoid antagonizing regional politicians like county commissioners to governors and Congressional representatives who are frequently ranchers or otherwise connected to Agricultural interests.

Whether it was dewatering of rivers for irrigation and its detrimental impacts on fisheries, to the spread of disease from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep, from the killing of bison that wandered from Yellowstone Park to opposition to wolf recovery to the continued policy of elk feedgrounds in Wyoming, the ultimate source of the problem was and is livestock. The cow conspiracy is not only in the West.

I lived for a time in Vermont where dairy farming is relegated to the status of a God. No environmental groups are actively pursuing reduction in dairies despite their well documented environmental impacts, not to mention the health risk associated with consumption of dairy products.

Please watch the GREATEST documentary "COWSPIRACY"

Watch the trailer. Get a copy of the video and show it widely.

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