The Prophecy of the Key (Book 2 of the Darkin Fantasy) (The Darkin Saga)

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And she believes that there is a back-up of the entire history of the human race—something completely different than the history given by the Fathers. Held invisibly in some type of computer technology that orbits the planet still.

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Powered by the sun. Waiting for someone to reclaim it. Who controls the flow of information? And now her eyes have nearly become slits and I know she means business. All of their money, their power, their control. She knows just how strongly I distrust the dogma of the Fatherhood, but she also knows how much I think her conspiracy theories line up on the same dimensions of bullshit.

Still, I continue to play along. Even her beauty takes a back seat to her quick intellect in moments like these, as ill-founded as it is, and I have to keep my eyes locked on hers as long as I can. She has me under her spell and I am powerless. Anything remotely like the perfection I find in hers. How the tower is in any way related to your Ark. And then it comes, her gorgeous smile. All the tension in her face slides away, and now I know she really is up to something serious.

And the word comes out just as quickly as I think it. The last time she tricked me into going, we almost died. She takes out a crumpled piece of paper and unfolds it and then shoves it into my hands. I take it and open it up and look up at her as soon as I recognize what it is. Head into the town field and find some people for a game of soccer. As if they know we snuck out to the beach alone. Saw how he opens the lock. Saw the map. For as much as I am a logical person, I still do not understand the tug of my emotions for this girl.

My eyes scour the ripples of sand at my feet. The dropping sensation in my gut grows, the promise that if I go along with her now, I will have kissed the last of my common sense goodbye. Like this is the final straw. Out into the Deadlands. I look at the mesh of lines on the wrinkled yellow paper. Most of it looks like gibberish to me.

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Under it is written sloppily the word mirror. To watch the tower. I had a hunch, and I was right.

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We find the thin trail snaking out of the dunes and back toward the heavier forest. I have to prod her. Her eyes have caught something behind us. She looks back at the tower. A small but bright reflection shining from the tower at a staggering height. I think there are a lot of them pointing at it. But we need to find one first before we can know for sure, right? I race over it to keep up. And I took measurements. And when we come to the split, the split that only we know is a split—that deep out there in the woods is a crumbling stone road—she looks at me and hands me a knife from her pocket.

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Soul Edge has keen eyesight. Hunt ress : I take it that something went terribly wrong at that project—?

Dark Claw : Actually, the program was a resounding success. It produced exactly what it set out to produce: a remorseless killing machine devoid of all human compassion.

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A perfect weapon. They forgot one important thing about weapons. They are usually inert objects that can't get off the table and do harm by themselves. Their mistake was in creating a weapon with an imagination. Anime and Manga. While Junketsu never does more than growl and snarl in a mad rage , Senketsu is completely sentient, and is not only able to speak though only Ryuko can hear him , but also move on his own.

An Amanto alien couple in the forms of a katana and a scabbard , from Gintama. The katana wants to get back his wife and he keeps sticking in Gintoki's ass until he agrees to help him. They are Eldritch Abominations with restraining bolts tightened on them to keep them in control. Once that armor goes off, watch out. To make them sync with the pilot, the people who make the EVAs have to bond a soul of their mother to the EVA, though the details aren't exactly clear, with one unit having the entirety of the soul, another just having part of a soul, and another just having a clone's soul.

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In any case, if the pilots come to harm, especially if it's Shinji, watch out. In Delicious in Dungeon , the sword Laios takes from the living armor still has a living parasite in it, and it reacts to potentially dangerous monsters. This is both useful since it lets Laios get a heads up to an incoming threat but can also be a problem if the sword is too scared of a powerful enemy. He names it Kensuke. An interesting example is Crona and Ragnarok from Soul Eater.

The result of a witch's experiment, Crona had all of hir blood replaced with a substance called "Black Blood" not 'that' Black Blood that was created in part by melting down the Equippable Ally Ragnarok. The result is a mentally unstable Tyke Bomb whose weaponized blood has its own distinct personality. Half the characters can willingly transform into weapons; some can actually move somewhat independently or just transform body parts into weapons if they don't have a meister to fight with.

This came about as the result of another witch's experiment centuries earlier the sister of the witch who created Crona and Ragnarok, at that , and now many of the descendents of her test subjects have inherited the ability to transform into weapons. There have also been several examples of weapons that have 'eaten' a Zoan Devil Fruit, and gaining the ability to transform from weapon form to animal form, with enough intelligence to follow orders from their owners and on one occasion threatened.

The other prominent example is Lassoo, a bazooka like gun that 'ate' the Mutt-Mutt Fruit, Dachshund Type Inu-Inu no Mi and has the ability to transform between dog and gun form, in the same style as Funfreed. In Katanagatari , practitioners of Kyotouryuu like Shichika have it indoctrinated into them from an early age that they are swords, not swordsmen.

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They aren't supposed to think for themselves and should only attack what their "wielders" want them to attack. A big part of Shichika's Character Development throughout the series has him realizing that he is more than a sword. The Protoculture of Macross seemed fond of this sort of weapon.